How is a brachioplasty procedure done?

A brachioplasty procedure, or what’s better known as an arm lift, is done to patients to make the skin in the rear portion of their upper arm tighter—like what it looked like during their younger years. People, mostly those who have aged significantly, will likely consider brachioplasty when they’re looking to improve the appearance of their arms.

Before the procedure, expert surgeons will administer anesthesia to the target area as brachioplasty involves several incisions. Patients should note that the length of incisions will depend on the area intended to be improved and surgeons usually make a decision on how much skin will be removed. Incisions are made to reduce the sagging skin in the rear portion of the patient’s arm. The incisions are then restored through sutures or stitches, which will be removed later. The sutures used in a brachioplasty procedure are often absorbable, meaning it will be gone as the wound heals. Though patients should experience some pain and discomforts after a brachioplasty, they could immediately notice the results. Brachioplasty is also recommended for individuals who cannot improve their triceps area even with strenuous gym workouts.

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