Restoring youthful appeal through laser resurfacing procedure

Advancement in cosmetic surgery has made it possible for certain individuals to either improve or restore their physical appearance without the need of “going under the knife.” One of the non-surgical treatments available in the market is called “laser resurfacing”.

The goal of laser resurfacing is to treat unwanted skin appearance in the face or other parts of the body. People who have highly visible scars or blemishes and middle-aged individuals who have unsightly wrinkles on their faces may highly benefit from this procedure. The treatment either uses carbon dioxide or erbium depending on the severity of the skin problem. Typical laser resurfacing procedure could last for several minutes to up to two hours, and patients might experience minor discomfort due to the nature of the treatment. After the procedure, patients can stay home to recover and are given instructions on how to take care of the treated area to prevent it from infections.

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