Breast Reconstruction: Implant-Based and Autologous Surgeries

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Breast Reconstruction: Implant-Based and Autologous Surgeries

Breast Reconstruction: Implant-Based and Autologous Surgeries

Since about 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime, many women must undergo a mastectomy or double-mastectomy. And while this can be a daunting experience for many women, today’s available treatments allow for surgeons to recreate breasts that come close in form and appearance to natural breast. As such, the two most common breast reconstruction procedures are implant-based and autologous surgeries.

Implant-based reconstruction involves inserting a silicone or saline implant into the breast pocket. This procedure may be done as a one-stage, as described above, or as a two-stage process, where a tissue expander is first inserted then an implant when the breast pocket reaches the desired size.

Autologous reconstruction surgery is a process by which existing muscle, fat, or skin tissue is used to form a new breast. Because tissue is removed from the stomach, abdomen, upper back and shoulder, and buttock, not everyone may be eligible for this process.

Apart from how breast reconstruction can help improve your self-confidence, the following are benefits of the two types of procedures:

Benefits of Implant-Based Reconstruction

  • Lower complication risk
  • Shorter surgery
  • Quicker recovery

Benefits of Autologous Reconstruction

  • More natural look and feel
  • No risk of implant related complications
  • More natural breast behavior
  • Fluctuating size based on weight gain and loss

It is important to note that both surgeries do not come without their associated risks. An experienced cosmetic surgeon can help identify the associated risks and determine which surgery is best for a patient.

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