Choosing Breast Augmentation

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December 18, 2018
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December 18, 2018

Choosing Breast Augmentation

Choosing Breast Augmentation

Breast size and shape are important to the way many women feel about the way they look, how desirable they feel, and how “normal” they feel in our society. With that in mind, many of our clients elect to undergo breast augmentation to alter the shape, size, projection, and firmness of their breasts with a saline or silicone implants. In any case, our clients will all meet with Dr. Bergman to get a better understanding of their options and of what course of action will help them achieve the look they desire.

Why Some Clients Choose Breast Augmentation

Though there are various reasons why an individual may choose to undergo this procedure, many of our clients have chosen breast augmentation surgery for the following reasons:

  • To foster a better self-image and improve self-confidence
  • To create a greater degree of symmetry
  • To account for volume lost after pregnancy or weight loss
  • To reconstruct a breast following mastectomy

While breast augmentation surgery may be utilized to alter the size and shape of the breasts, the procedure will do nothing to change their positioning. As such, many of our clients choose to undergo breast lift surgery in conjunction with their augmentation to accomplish a more comprehensive vision of their new appearance.

Consult with a Breast Augmentation Specialist in Des Moines

If you would like to learn more about what Dr. Bergman can do for you, the Des Moines cosmetic surgeons at Bergman Plastic Surgery a would be happy to meet with you to discuss your expectations and goals. To speak with one of our cosmetic surgeons in Des Moines, please call our Des Moines offices at (515) 222-1111 today.