Correcting Botched Surgeries: Revision Rhinoplasty

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December 18, 2018
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Correcting Botched Surgeries: Revision Rhinoplasty

Correcting Botched Surgeries: Revision Rhinoplasty

A rising number of people across the country are choosing to undergo reconstructive surgery to get the nose shape and size that they desire. While many rhinoplasties go smoothly and give patients the exact result that they were hoping for, many of these surgeries leave the patient feeling even more insecure about their appearance than before the operation. Regardless of whether a botched rhinoplasty was caused by an incompetent surgeon or the results simply weren’t what was expected, the doctors at Bergman Plastic Surgery have extensive experience handling corrective rhinoplasty procedures. Our surgeons will sit down with you and listen to each and every one of your concerns so that you walk away with exactly what you set out to achieve in the first place. Your goals and desires are our top priority, and we feel that open and extensive communication is a key factor in understanding how to accomplish your ideal look.

Top Five Reasons for Revision

Any number of issues could lead to a failed or botched rhinoplasty, such as a surgeon with inadequate technical or artistic skill, or a disruption to the healing process. The top five most common reasons for seeking rhinoplasty revisions are:

  1. Inhibited nasal pathways
  2. Corrections were too extreme
  3. Corrections did not adequately meet patient’s expectations
  4. Corrections were poorly executed
  5. Patient wants to make adjustments or refinements

The good news is when conducting a revision surgery, patients should be more aware of what they want and surgeons should have a clear idea of what they should do differently to ensure the best results.

Contact a Rhinoplasty Revision Surgeon

If you are unsatisfied with your rhinoplasty, call Bergman Plastic Surgery at (515) 222-1111 to speak to a representative and schedule your appointment for a revision rhinoplasty consultation. Let us help you achieve your ideal look today.