Increasing number of cosmetic hand surgeries

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Bergman as a pageant judge
December 13, 2018
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December 18, 2018

Increasing number of cosmetic hand surgeries

As many women believe that thinner hands with more veins are a tell-tale sign of aging, more women are now flocking to their cosmetic surgeons to get younger-looking hands, according to reports from plastic surgery clinics.

Sometimes colloquially referred to as “Madonna Mitts,” as reference to 55-year-old Madonna’s constant attempts to shield her hands from scrutiny by wearing gloves, the new cosmetic surgery trend has reportedly contributed to an 18 percent rise in cosmetic surgery inquiries in the past month.

Doctors say it is natural for women to lose weight in their hands as they get older, making wrinkles and veins more evident in those parts. Cosmetic hand surgeries such as hand rejuvenation, which can add volume to and smooth the skin, giving it a fuller look, laser resurfacing, which can remove sunspots, and fat transfer to the hands, which can give them long-term rejuvenation, are on the rise.

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