Improving Volume after Weight Loss or Pregnancy

While weight loss and pregnancy are cause for celebration for many people, they may also affect the look of certain parts of the body, especially the breasts. Many women find after losing a significant amount of weight either through surgery or diet and exercise that their breasts have lost volume and begun to sag. This is due to the excess skin that remains while much of the body fat is no longer there to fill it. Similarly, after pregnancy, a woman’s breast size may change significantly, either growing larger or smaller, and they may appear uneven, awkwardly shaped, or saggy.

At a time when a woman should be most joyful in her appearance, such concerns can cause unnecessary distress about her self-image. In both the case of weight loss and pregnancy, it is common to use cosmetic surgery to address these issues. If you are considering breast augmentation after a significant weight loss or pregnancy, you should consult with the best experts in your area. Contact Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery at (515) 222-1111, or email us at You can also fill in our online email form to learn more about how we can help you.

How Breast Augmentation Can Help

Breast augmentation surgery can address all of the issues that result from weight loss or pregnancy. Breast shape can be adjusted by removing or reshaping the fatty tissue in the breast, while size can be addressed through the use of implants. Scarring can be removed in the breast augmentation process, and sagging is removed through a breast lift. No matter what your ideal size and shape are, breast augmentation can achieve those goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

After undergoing pregnancy or significant weight loss, it is important you feel as good about yourself as you deserve to. Breast augmentation is a wonderful way to address personal self-image issues after such major events, but you may have many questions. We’ve provided a few common questions below to get you started.

How will further weight loss affect my breasts after breast augmentation?

Most likely, your breasts will maintain their shape and size after any further weight loss. However, if you lose a great deal of weight, both shape and size may change slightly. This depends on how much fatty tissue is in your breasts since weight loss also removes fat from this region. If you are planning to lose a great deal of weight, consult a doctor about how it might affect your implants.

How will I know what size my breasts should be after weight loss?

Speaking with an experienced surgeon is the best way to determine the size that is right for you. A cosmetic surgeon will be able to help advise you not only on size, but also the type of implant and how it should be placed for the overall look of your breasts in relation to your body type and personal self-image preferences.

When is it safe to undergo breast augmentation after giving birth?

Most doctors recommend waiting for a period of around 6 months after giving birth before considering breast augmentation. That is for women who are not breastfeeding. For those who are breastfeeding, most doctors would ask patients to wait until 6 months after they ween their baby.

Can I still breastfeed after I have breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery doesn’t affect the ability to nurse at all. You can still produce the same amount of milk and nurse your child as you would have before. Implants and other augmentation methods do not affect the milk-producing parts of the breast, and so should have no affect on any part of the nursing process. However, since this is an invasive surgery, it’s best to have your child weaned before you undergo augmentation.

Will breast augmentation affect my ability to get pregnant again?

Just like with nursing, breast augmentation should have no affect on your ability to get pregnant. However, having more children is likely to affect your breast size and shape again to some extent, even with implants. In some cases, women choose to have their implants replaced after further pregnancies to readjust to their ideal image and to remove scarring. Others continue to be quite happy with their results after further pregnancies and nursing.

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