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Cosmetic surgery and other procedures can be difficult for the average individual to understand fully, largely due to the complicated medical terms and processes. For those who have little or no background in medicine, it can be incredibly difficult to find the information necessary to be fully informed about most cosmetic procedures. That’s why the team at Bergman Plastic Surgery has compiled the following list of informative articles concerning various aspects of cosmetic surgery and other treatments.

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Are Botox injections painful?
Most patients receiving BOTOX injections experience little to no pain when receiving their treatment. Only a few small injections are needed for each treatment, and our qualified team of cosmetic surgeons can use an anesthetic to reduce the feeling of these injections. Usually, as a result, patients won’t feel any more than a quick, sharp sensation that fades away soon after the injection is completed.
Are Botox injections safe?
In short, yes. BOTOX injections have been approved by the FDA for use as a wrinkle reducer, providing meaningful cosmetic treatment for patients with facial wrinkles. These treatments are specifically targeted to certain sites on the patient’s face, isolating where the injection will affect them. As a result, a trained cosmetic surgeon can provide a BOTOX injection without the threat of serious complications.
Are silicone breast implants safe?
There has been some controversy about whether breast implants filled with silicone gel are safe for use in the human body. However, all studies have consistently found that there is no link between silicone breast implants and the development of any types of disease. The FDA has concluded, as a result, that silicone-filled breast implants are entirely safe for human use, posing no serious health threats to patients.
Can I drive after having plastic surgery?
For non-surgical treatments, a patient is usually free to drive unless a non-topical anesthesia was used during the procedure. However, if a patient underwent a surgical procedure, they should avoid driving for at least one week, largely due to the pain medication that he or she will be taking. Someone should be available to pick a patient up after a treatment and for their initial follow-up appointment.
Can I smoke after a plastic surgery procedure?
Although it can be very difficult for smokers to suddenly cut back on their habits, it’s advisable for anyone receiving plastic surgery treatment to avoid smoking for at least six weeks after their procedure. Smoking may reduce a patient’s ability to recover quickly and safely, as continuing a smoking habit while recovering from surgery can increase the possibility of various post-operative complications.
Can I still take prescription or over-the-counter medication before a surgery?
There may be certain complications that can arise with some prescription medications and anesthetics used for some procedures. Additionally, aspirin and certain other types of medication, including warfarin, can prevent blood from properly coagulating. This can potentially put a patient at risk for serious health concerns during or after a procedure. If a patient is using any medications at all before a procedure, they should inform their plastic surgeon.
Can you provide male breast reduction surgery?
Yes. We can either conduct a full surgical reduction procedure to remove otherwise difficult-to-reduce tissue or can conduct a liposuction-based procedure that will remove excess fat tissue that has built up around the chest area. These procedures leave minimal scar tissue as a result, which can be hidden either in the areola or armpit.
Does microdermabrasion really work?
Plenty of skin treatment options provide ways to clear up skin, even out pigmentation problem areas, and reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles. If a patient is looking for these kinds of benefits with a skin treatment, microdermabrasion really can help. Many patients see immediate results and may try to follow a regular schedule of follow-up appointments to keep their skin looking as healthy and beautiful as possible. By combining these treatments with regular use of sunblock and drinking a healthy amount of water each day, anyone can reveal the true beauty of their skin.
How long does it take to recover from most body contouring procedures?
Body contouring procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks usually take a few days for a person to recover well enough to return to work. Doctors recommend that patients stay away from cigarettes or anti-inflammatory medication during recovery and may have additional requirements for compression bandages used to reduce swelling after a procedure. More intensive procedures may require longer recovery times, but many patients can often return to regular exercise routines within three weeks of a procedure.
How long should I wait after a mastectomy to have breast reconstruction surgery?
Patients receiving a mastectomy as a part of breast cancer treatment may not need to wait any longer than they’re personally comfortable with after their treatment procedure. However, a patient should at least wait until they are healed from their mastectomy and should closely consult with both their oncologist and their cosmetic surgeon about their breast reconstruction surgery. While a patient may be ready to restore the look of their breast, it’s important to attend to medical needs first.
How long should I wait to eat after a procedure?
Unless specifically instructed by their surgeon, patients may eat whenever after a procedure. Depending on the procedure and the patient, different people may regain their appetite sooner than others. In any case, it’s important for patients to try to take whatever medications they may use to manage any discomfort and pain immediately after a surgical procedure with some food already in their stomach. Food may need to be bland-tasting for some time after the procedure, as some anesthetics can make more flavorful foods unpalatable. Similarly, liquids shouldn’t be carbonated and should be clear.
How should I prepare for a laser hair removal procedure?
For best results and to avoid unwanted side effects, a patient may need to take a few preparatory steps before undergoing laser hair removal treatment. In particular, it’s important for patients to avoid tanning before having this treatment. Patients using tanning creams should stop several weeks before the treatment in order to avoid any interference. Also, patients should avoid waxing, plucking, or using electrolysis to get rid of hair before the procedure. Shaving, on the other hand, is allowed.
If I undergo facial reconstruction surgery, how long will my recovery time be?
Because of the considerable range of different facial reconstruction procedures that our surgeons perform, recovery times for patients who have undergone a facial reconstruction procedure can vary significantly. In some cases, full recovery may be as short as a few weeks in time, whereas in other situations it may take upwards of several months before the patient has fully recovered. The recovery is, however, often relatively minor, with much of the recovery time simply involving waiting for facial swelling to go down.
Is plastic surgery usually covered by health insurance?
Insurance coverage for plastic surgery depends largely on the reason for the procedure. Most procedures are considered elective and therefore aren’t covered by health insurance plans. However, if a person is receiving cosmetic surgery due to a health condition or an injury, the procedure may be considered reconstructive. In many cases, reconstructive surgery is covered by health insurance.
Is there an age limit for plastic surgery?
While there is no definitive age limit for a given procedure, patients should certainly consult with a plastic surgeon before proceeding with plastic surgery. In some cases, a procedure may be perfectly safe, but due to a patient’s youth or advanced age, it may not be the best choice for that individual. For others, body type can be a much more influential factor in determining the success of a procedure than age. Ultimately, each patient is different and deserves to be treated with individual care and attention.
Should I still have a procedure if I get a cold or flu before my procedure date?
We take the possibility of surgical complications from controllable factors very seriously and, as such, will consult closely with any patients who develop a recent illness, no matter how minor, prior to their procedure. Colds, flus, fevers, rashes, and significant trauma to the skin may be reasons for postponing an operation until the patient’s body is fully healed and recovered. This can prevent unfortunate complications that may arise due to the added stress of an operation on that patient’s body while they are still recovering from an ailment.
What kind of results can I expect with laser hair removal?
When a person receives a laser hair removal treatment, he or she may experience significant hair removal for a substantial period of time. However, one treatment cannot permanently stop hair growth, as hair grows in cycles. Instead, doctors can help you formulate a treatment plan that may include several rounds of laser hair removal to affect all of the area’s hair follicles. With follow-up care, a person may be able to extend the effects of laser hair removal for several years. Additionally, patients with the best results are typically those with fair skin tones and dark hair.
What kinds of reconstructive procedures are available at Bergman Plastic Surgery?
Though many people voluntarily seek cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance, many people need reconstructive surgery for their overall health and well-being. Some of the most common reconstructive surgeries that people seek and the team at Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery offers include ACell, facial reconstruction, breast reconstruction (after breast cancer), hand reconstruction, and reconstruction for burns.
When can I exercise again after undergoing cosmetic surgery?
This is dependent on whether you undergo a surgical or non-surgical procedure. A cosmetic surgical procedure will require some time to recover from, necessitating sufficient rest while it heals from the changes and stress of the operation. A patient should give themselves at least four to six weeks before engaging in any sort of serious exercise or heavy lifting. Any activity that may cause prolonged swelling, which includes most exercise, should be avoided to promote proper skin regrowth and healing. Additional, strenuous cardio activity should be avoided as it can cause bleeding problems due to increased blood pressure.
Who is liposuction recommended for?
Liposuction is used to treat unwanted deposits of fat that won’t usually go away with proper diet or exercise. The procedure isn’t a cure for obesity and is primarily meant as a way to better shape a person’s body contours. Patients of normal weight with disproportionate fat deposits in specific areas of their body may see the best results with liposuction. Patients with healthy skin that has good elasticity may also see particularly good results from this procedure.
Why should I consider BOTOX?
BOTOX is a very popular cosmetic procedure that is meant to restore aging skin to a more youthful appearance. With injections, BOTOX treatments can: • Soften forehead lines • Diminish appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet • Elevate tired, droopy eyebrows • Weaken the vertical furrow between eyebrows All of these benefits of BOTOX can help make your face look more youthful.
Will microdermabrasion require me to spend time recovering?
When an individual undergoes a microdermabrasion procedure, they don’t need to spend any time afterwards recovering from the procedure. In fact, cosmetics can even be applied to the area which has undergone the treatment almost immediately afterward. This is one of the many reasons that microdermabrasion has rapidly become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available in the United States in recent years.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery and other types of cosmetic procedures, many people who consider these issues confront a number of questions for which finding the right answers can often be extremely difficult. As such, the experienced and knowledgeable team at Bergman Plastic Surgery has put together the following list of frequently asked questions and their answers in an effort to better inform patients and potential patients of their options regarding plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments.

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