Scabbing of the Surgical Site

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December 18, 2018
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December 18, 2018

Scabbing of the Surgical Site

Scabbing of the Surgical Site

Following certain cosmetic surgery procedures, the skin immediately surrounding the surgical site where stitches or staples are present will likely scab in the healing process. In fact, this is a normal and positive sign that your skin is healing correctly.

Festering your healing wound by picking and peeling it may cause infection. If pus starts to form on the wound, your wound is likely infected; its presence also means your body has started fighting this infection.

There is a chance of infection at the surgical site after any surgery. Some signs include drainage of pus and increased redness, swelling, and pain at the surgical site.

Tips for Preventing Infection

In order to prevent infection and even scarring from occurring after your cosmetic surgery, the following tips may be of great help:

  • After bathing, scabs will be soft but do not scrub them off
  • Allow scabs to fall off on their own
  • Do not scrub the wound too hard
  • Do not use peroxide or alcohol in an attempt to clean it

In order to ensure that the healing process stays on track, make sure to get in contact with your surgeon or another medical professional if you believe you have developed an infection after surgery.

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