Scalp Reduction

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December 18, 2018
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December 18, 2018

Scalp Reduction

Scalp Reduction

Scalp reductions are an option for people who are balding. In order for a scalp reduction to benefit you, the hair must be growing healthily on the sides and towards the back of the head. During a scalp reduction, your bald scalp is reduced by pulling in the parts of the scalp where hair is still growing.

Procedure Steps

  1. Local anesthetic is applied to the area so that more pressure than pain is felt during the procedure.
  2. An instrument is used to remove small patches of hair bearing skin that will be relocated to balding spots.
  3. The loose skin remaining from the incision is stretched inward to cover the bald spot and surgically sown down.
  4. The skin with hair is sown down in a pattern that promotes hair growth and covers the once bald scalp.


The pattern of the section of skin removed from the scalp depends on what type of results the patient desires to see. The “Y” shape is commonly used when people seek to cover a large balding spot. “U” shapes or other figures are used when only a small bald spot needs to be covered. All shapes are typically effective at achieving similar results.

Contact a Plastic Surgeon

Hair loss is extremely frustrating and can be difficult to combat with the help of a doctor. Balding often causes people to lose confidence, and scalp reductions can successfully help patients restore their healthy, youthful look. If you suffer from hair loss or baldness, contact Bergman Plastic Surgery to learn if a scalp reduction is a viable option. Call (515) 222-1111 today to schedule a consultation.