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Healthy, clean, and lasting beautiful skin is one of the top priorities at Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery, and we believe that this begins with a person’s skin care regimen. Fortunately, there are many therapeutic skin products offered in our medical spa, effective for people of any skin type, gender or ethnicity. These professional skincare methods utilize the latest developments in cosmetic technology, ranging from everyday products to the very best in medical-grade treatments.

The Des Moines specialists at Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery can help review your skin’s needs and decide on the product that is best for you.

Our Professional Skin Care Products

Skin leaves a lasting impression, and we believe it is important to maintain its health and fresh appearance. There are many different options to provide custom skincare for any Des Moines resident. At Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery, we offer the following:

  • ZO Skin Health
  • ZO Medical
  • Jane Iredale Skincare

Each of these options comes with different skin care products that are meant for both daily and preventative skin care. These professional skin care lines have products that can help Des Moines clients reach their skin’s fullest potential daily, while also protecting their skin from future skin care concerns.

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If you or someone you know is looking for a quality and effective skin care treatment in Des Moines, consider the professional skin care products provided at Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery. A consultation with one of our specialists can result in the development of a skin care regime to support the healthy maintenance of your skin. Contact our Des Moines offices today at (515) 222-1111 to make an appointment.

ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health Inc. has developed an impressive line of therapeutic skin treatments that are effective for people of any skin type, gender, or ethnicity. With the help of Dr. Zein Obagi, this new line offers products ranging from everyday skin care necessities to the very best in medical-grade treatments, all of which utilize the latest developments in skin care technology. Find out more about this impressive line here:






Is a prescription strength topical medication used on base of the upper lashes to enhance length and thickness. LATISSE® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%) is the only FDA approved product that treats insufficient lashes, creating fuller, darker, longer lashes in a matter of weeks. This topical product is an excellent option when greater lash length, fuller, thicker lashes and lashes that are darker and more pronounced.

Jane Iredale Skincare


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