Tissue Expansion

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December 18, 2018
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December 18, 2018

Tissue Expansion

Tissue Expansion

If you have experienced a serious accident or birth defect that resulted in lost skin, you could benefit from tissue expansion surgery. Although the concept is similar to that of skin grafting, the surgical procedure differs vastly. Instead of replacing one area of skin with another, tissue expansion grows new skin and regenerates the damaged area. In addition to helpful reconstruction, this process is commonly used to grow skin during breast reconstruction so the results appear more natural.

The procedure is simple: a silicon balloon is placed underneath the skin near the damaged area and gradually filled with salt water throughout the process. The balloon expands, which consequently alerts the body tissue to create excess skin around the area.

Benefits of Tissue Expansion

There are a number of ways to utilize tissue expansion surgery for the benefit of many individuals. Some advantages to this procedure are:

  • Provides nearly identical skin coloring and texture
  • Allows for natural hair growth on the damaged area
  • The damaged area remains intact with the body’s blood supply and nervous system
  • Scars are less noticeable because there is no replacement of the skin, only regrowth

Each of the benefits listed above give the recipient a positive solution to an unhealthy or undesirable skin issue. Although the procedure is time-consuming, often taking a few months, the results are all-natural and aesthetically pleasing.

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