Waxing Versus Shaving

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Waxing Versus Shaving

Waxing Versus Shaving

One of the most tedious things that an individual deals with on a daily basis is unwanted hair. Whether you struggle with unwanted hair on your legs, arms, bikini lines, or upper lip, getting rid of your unsightly hair can be a hassle. So many women depend on shaving to rid themselves of excess hair; however, more and more women are seeing the benefits of regular waxing sessions in the fight against stubble.

5 Reasons to Toss Your Razor

Most people who have committed to waxing will attest to its numerous benefits. Where the wax really shines, though, is in comparison to the outdated strategy of shaving. Here are five ways waxing is superior to shaving:

  1. Razor burn. When you apply razors to delicate or sensitive areas, you almost always have to deal with itchy and unattractive razor burn afterward. Waxing, on the other hand, does not cause this prolonged skin irritation.
  2. Saving time. Shaving can cost you more than hot water—it takes a long time to swipe every unwanted hair. Waxing can be done in large swaths during quick sessions and last much longer than shaving.
  3. Discouraging regrowth. Shaving can only do so much in removing the hair. However, during waxing, each hair is removed by the root. If the process is repeated a few times, the hair follicles will be unable to get the nutrients they need to grow. The happy result is longer regrowth periods, which means fewer waxing sessions over time.
  4. Fighting stubble. When you shave, the hair is lopped off in the middle and a blunt end is left in its place. When your hair begins to grow out, this blunt end feels prickly. When you wax, though, the hair is removed at the root so that new growth will have to occur. The new hair will have a fine tip, resulting in softer hair.
  5. Zero effort. Perhaps the most wonderful thing about waxing is how easy it is for you. Simply show up to your appointment, and relax in our spa while a specialist does all the work to remove your unwanted hair. It’s too easy.

If you’re still using a razor to remove unwanted hair, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to make your life easier.

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