What a Nutritional Assessment Can Do For You

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December 18, 2018
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What a Nutritional Assessment Can Do For You

What a Nutritional Assessment Can Do For You

A nutritional assessment can provide you with a great snapshot of your current nutritional status so you can determine what steps to take in order to achieve better health or start your weight loss process. Data gathered by our qualified dietitians provides the objective basis for recommendations and helps develop a plan of care. All objective and subjective nutrition-related data is collected and analyzed. This allows our dietitians to determine if you should maintain your assessed status or work to achieve a healthier status.

Purpose of a Nutritional Assessment

It can be difficult to recognize that you’re malnourished, so nutritional assessments provide an in-depth evaluation of nutritional status. A better idea of your nutritional status helps you better manage your weight and overall health. The main objectives of a nutritional assessment are to:

  • Reveal diet intake
  • Reflect calorie and protein needs
  • Gather body mass index (BMI)
  • Compare body composition to population
  • Determine any signs of malnutrition

Being well-informed of your nutritional intake can be crucial if you’re looking to improve your health. Oftentimes, patients are in the dark about where they are nutritionally, and unfortunately may not recognize that the reason they aren’t getting the results they want may lie in their diet.

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