What is cosmetic plastic surgery?

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Bergman as a pageant judge
December 13, 2018
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December 18, 2018

What is cosmetic plastic surgery?

Cosmetic plastic surgery, also known as reconstructive surgery, is a procedure undergone by people for aesthetic purposes. These people want to have parts of their body reshaped, realigned, or remade to help them improve their appearance.

These surgeries can target various areas on a person’s body and may feature making enhancements on the face, such as on the eyebrows,  the eyelids, the nose or ears. It also can target the body, like the breasts and the stomach, among others.

Some clinics offering cosmetic plastic surgery also provide non-surgical services, such as chemical peels, facials, microderm, laser procedures, wrinkle fillers, and Botox, among others. These procedures are non-invasive, which means operations do not take place in the internal part of the client’s body.

Surgical training is needed in order to perform these cosmetic operations. These types of procedures are also applied to remedy various physical deformities, like burns or physical distortions due to an accident. In these cases, it is more commonly known as reconstructive surgery.

If you are seeking cosmetic surgery or in need of reconstructive surgery, you deserve to have an experienced, skilled cosmetic surgeon whom you can trust. Call the team at Bergman  Plastic Surgery at 515-222-1111 today to discuss what you want and how we can make it a reality.