What to Expect After Cosmetic Surgery

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What to Expect After Cosmetic Surgery

Patients who plan to undergo cosmetic surgery should know what to expect when their procedure is complete so that they can plan ahead for post-surgical care. Correct, thorough post-surgical care is important, both to make sure the patient is feeling his or her best and to get the best results possible. If patients plan ahead and make the proper post-surgical care arrangements, they can avoid stress and problems that may make it more difficult to recover and heal properly. At Bergman Plastic Surgery, we believe in providing patients in Iowa with all the tools necessary to get back on their feet as quick as possible, including a helpful post-surgical care plan.

Post-Surgical Care After Cosmetic Procedures

While cosmetic procedures may not have nearly the same degree of risk as certain medical procedures, they are still a form of surgery and should be taken seriously. This means that properly resting and following your surgeon’s advice after cosmetic surgery is a must for best results. A patient may expect the following after a procedure:

  • Outpatients will often be discharged from the care area within a matter of hours
  • Patients returning home may need assistance at home for at least two days following a procedure
  • Patients undergoing surgical procedures cannot drive themselves home
  • Antibiotics and pain medication should be taken according to a surgeon’s schedule
  • Strenuous activity should be severely limited in the first days after the procedure
  • Patients shouldn’t expect to exercise for up to four to six weeks
  • Patients shouldn’t expect to drive for a least one week
  • Patients may not be hungry after a procedure, but often should eat when taking medication

Patients can discuss further procedure-specific needs or concerns during a pre-procedure consultation with their cosmetic surgeon.

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