Why the Medical Spa is Gaining Popularity

Waxing Versus Laser Hair Removal
December 18, 2018

Why the Medical Spa is Gaining Popularity

Why the Medical Spa is Gaining Popularity

Aging, sun damage, acne, unwanted hair, and the general effects of day-to-day life can become bothersome and may keep you from looking and feeling your best. However, fixing these issues doesn’t have to come with a large price tag or painful recovery time. Medical spas are different from regular spas in that they have the supervision and skill to perform surgery-free procedures. The Des Moines medical spa services at Bergman Plastic Surgery aim to help clients reach their full physical potential in a manner that is best suited for each individual.

Reasons Bergman’s Medical Spa is Gaining Popularity

Medical spas’ growing popularity is largely a result of their convenience. The reasons for their ease of access are threefold:

  • Medical spa procedures offer significant results with minimal discomfort. The skills and expertise of a doctor’s supervision make the laid-back atmosphere and relaxation of a spa-like experience all the more comforting.
  • Because medical spa treatments are minimally invasive, they are all outpatient procedures and have virtually no recovery time. Clients can walk in with a goal in mind and walk out feeling confident and satisfied just a few hours later.
  • The opportunity for a variety of experiences and treatments in a single day allows clients to take care of multiple concerns at once—making the medical spa efficient as well as convenient.

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The team at Bergman Plastic Surgery is dedicated to helping you achieve the results you want in a way that best suits your lifestyle. If you or someone you know wants to look into the numerous, high-quality procedures offered by our medical spa, call our Des Moines office at (515) 222-1111 to discuss your health and beauty goals and to set up a consultation with one of our team members.